Residential Sandblasting

Are the walls in your home starting to chip away with paint? Do the areas around your home need some refreshing up? Well, then we can help you get the surface preparation you need because we are the guys to go to for home work with sandblasting in Dallas, TX. We can help you no matter what surface you need work done on so if you need wood sandblasting or concrete sandblasting. We have you covered.

We also specialize in various methods of sandblasting that are safe to use around your home that will not leave a mess. Even if you have any mold, we have the technique to clean it up. Fire or smoke damage then we can also help you with our abrasive blasting to clean away those horrible eyesores.

Great Also For Cleaning

Sandblasting is not just for paint removal, but we have methods that can be used to clean the areas around your home as well. Years of being exposed to the elements can cause build up of dirt and oil stains. With soda blasting, we can remove all of that away from any surface. So no matter if it is wood, concrete, or metal we can clean it with soda blasting.

So it is a great way to restore the rustic beauty of your surface and gentle enough not to harm the delicate areas as well.

Dust Free For Safety

Sandblasting can be very messy and leave dust everywhere. It will also cause a dust plume which can be dangerous for you but especially for babies and pets. That is why we offer dustless blasting with our crushed glass method that uses water pressure to capture any possible debris that can be harmful to your loved ones.

With dustless blasting the mess is minimal, and you will not need to worry about it causing harm to your property and family.

Not Just Paint Removal or Cleaning

Sandblasting has always been considered just a method for removing old paint, dirt, oil stains, and rust. However, you can use it as well to add some decorative appeal to your property. Sandblasting on surfaces like wood and brick can really bring out its rustic charm. With wood you really get a nice depth with the woods natural grain and brick will have this nice texture to give it more of a wow factor.

So give sandblasting a consideration when you are looking into the design of your home or walls around your home.

Sandblasting for Architectural Reasons

Sandblasting is also great for structural and architectural areas such as with driveways, pool decks, and sidewalks. This brings out a more coarse texture that can make these areas safer from slipping and even help improve with water flow. Sandblasting has many uses around your home, and no matter what you need if for we can help you get the look and feel you want with sandblasting.

So please let us know who we can help you around your home. Sandblasting Dallas is here for you.


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