Boat Sandblasting

barge in need of blastingYou bought your boat to be a great way to get away for the weekend with the guys for fishing or some family fun. The last thing you want is dealing with so much hassle of rust and build up hurting your boat and costing you tons of money. That is why maintenance of your boat is so essential from season to season. And when your hull or other areas are starting to peel away and raise the risk of rust or it is already forming, sandblasting is here to help. When your boat needs repainting, then let us start you off right with some sandblasting done by professionals.

Keep that Rust Away

Your boat spends a great deal of time in the water and well water cause metal to rust. It is just a simple known fact. You have your boat painted and protected from this happening but years of wear and use have started to chip away from this proactive layer. Your boats hull and other areas are now exposed to dangerous and highly damaging rust. If not dealt with early on can become a huge hassle later on for you.

So why not let us help you with getting that rust taken care of, and you can get your boat looking great and working great again without any hassle.

Anti-Foul Starting to Foul Up

Anti-foul is a great thing to protect the hull of your boat from rust and the build-up of aquatic nuisances such as barnacles. However, nothing lasts forever, and your hull takes a beating from waves and floating debris. So when your protective layer of anti-foul is going foul by chipping and peeling away, it is time for a start fresh.

We can blast away at your boat hull the old layer of anti-foul to get your boat ready with proper surface preparation for a new coat. You owe it to yourself to protect your boat.

Some Other Contaminants

You keep up with the maintenance of your boat hull and all but water is more than just H2O. Many other things can cause build up and damage over time. In time build up hurting your boat's performance. Sandblasting is a great way to get rid of these contaminants and clean your boat right up for your use.

We will make sure your boat is looking great again and cleaned up nice for your use. After all your boat should be fun not work.

No Matter What Hull

Not all boats are the same, and that also goes for the materials that the hull is made from. Boats have different uses, and people have them for there different needs. No matter if it is a small fishing boat made of metal or a nice speed boat of fiberglass. You need to keep your boat looking and working great, and we can help you with sandblasting away anything that harms your boat.

No matter the hull whether is it made from steal, aluminum, fiberglass or wood we can sandblast for you.


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