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We are the experts in the Dallas Texas area when it comes to sandblasting and other abrasive blasting needs. Customer satisfaction is our mission in life. We want you to be nothing but completely happy when a job is done. You will want to tell your friends about us. We will help you from first phone call to the very end and leave you knowing how to take care of your property, so you don’t need such drastic restoration often. The last thing you would want is to have to require a paint removal or rust removal because of a lousy job.

You will get only the best from us because all of our customers just deserve the very best. So please let us know who we can help you because we are here for your satisfaction.

All of our staff have years of experience in sandblasting and as well with some other newer techniques such as dustless blasting and soda blasting. We are the well-rounded experts that can handle any job and have the know-how to help you with whatever your abrasive blasting needs are.

So if you need a trusted expert for car restorations, boat sandblasting, or residential and industrial sandblasting. We are the right choice for all of your needs. The only choice you have to make is what is the right service of ours do you need. And as always our staff will help guide you to what is the right thing for what you need us to do. You owe it to yourself to only have the best, and that is who we are.


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