Sandblasting Dallas is the one place you can trust for all of your paint removal and rust removal. We are the experts at surface preparation that will take your old car or boat and make it like new again. No matter what you need with abrasive blasting from boat sandblasting, industrial sandblasting, residential sandblasting or even car blasting. We will make sure to get your surfaces clean and ready for their new life. You can count on us to always do a professional job in all of your sandblasting needs. We are Sandblasting Dallas, and we are here for you.

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Our team of experienced experts know how to take care of your vehicle or home and treat it with care. We will always be there to give you exactly what you need and always with a smile. We want you to feel taken care of as we take care of sandblasting your car or boat. They are precious to you, and we will always make sure to treat them just as valuable to us as well. You never have to worry when Sandblasting Dallas is on the job because we care.


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    No matter what type of media blasting you need from soda blasting, dustless blasting or even traditional sandblasting we can help you. So if you need your car, boat, home or wherever blasted for paint removal or rust removal we can help you. We offer a variety of methods for surface preparation no matter how strong or delicate the surface may be. We are here to help so check out all of our various services to find the best fit for you.

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    Dustless Blasting
    Also known as crushed glass blasting, dustless blasting uses the power of water for a cleaner and safer form of media blasting. You won't have to worry about big messes with dustless blasting, so it is great to use in areas around your home or still operational business. It is an excellent alternative to traditional sandblasting, so if this sounds like the right thing for you, please click on the page to read more about this fantastic new way to blast away paint or rust.

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    Soda Blasting
    We have many methods of paint removal that are easier on your property than traditional sandblasting. Another great way is known as soda blasting. It uses sodium bicarbonate as a blasting medium which is gentler on your delicate surfaces. This is also the perfect method for when you have mold and fire or smoke damage as well. It can clean your equipment to be ready to use and is a widely used method for food processors.

    Industrial Sandblasting
    When you are in need of sandblasting for your warehouse or equipment we are also here for you. We can handle any job no matter how large. As well we offer abrasive blasting methods that will not interfere with your work so you can keep going while we are working for you. The last thing you want is to have to stop work and lose out on productivity, so we are here to make sure you don’t have to.

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    Boat Sandblasting
    When you are in need of some marine sandblasting we can as well help you. After all, we are the well rounded abrasive blasters with the know-how for any job. So when you hull has worn down or burdened with build up, we can blast all of it away to prepare the surface for a new application of protection, so your boat lasts you for years to come. Your boat is a point of pride don’t make it something that is just another hassle.

    Residential Sandblasting
    When your home, or the areas around your home need refreshing than its time for some sandblasting to prepare your surfaces for new paint. We can handle the walls around your house to even some pool sandblasting. No matter the material we have the methods and skills to clean away the years of dirt and grime as well get your areas free of chipping away old paint. We will make your home like new.

    Car Blasting
    When you are working on car restoration, the final step is, of course, getting an excellent paint job. For that paint job to be absolutely perfect the surface of all of the body panels need to be paint ready and perfect. Of course, this starts with removing of any old paint and cleaning away oil and particulate to make sure your paint job is flawless. We are here for all of you car sandblasting needs to get it looking great.

    “The hull of my boat was looking terrible. The antifoul was peeling away and just not doing what it supposed to be doing. I was noticing some rust, and well that could be costly. So I looked around for sandblasting around Dallas Texas and came across these guys. They were able to blast away the peeling antifoul and even the rust. Now my hull looks great again. And just in time for this weekends fishing trip.” -Bob F.

    “The concrete areas around our pool was very slick. One of my sons fell running for the pool and got a nasty cut. I’m sick of yelling at them from running. I looked around for someone who handles concrete sandblasting as I read online it can be used to roughen up a surface. Sandblasting Dallas was able to do that for us, and now the boys are safer and don’t run because of the surface. I can relax a little now with one thing.” -Alice P.

    “We have some equipment at our bakery that was just looking terrible. We clean it as usual, but we can't get it sparkling again. I looked around online for a way to get my equipment like new and heard about this soda blasting thing. I called Sandblasting Dallas, and they were really helpful in answering all of my questions and did a great job. Everything looks like new!” -Cathie D.

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    ​So when you need sandblasting or other types of abrasive blasting needs we are the experts you should call. We will help you get the surface looking great for whatever you need. So call or email us now so we can get your surfaces ready for new paint or just having a better look on their own. Our friendly staff will be here waiting for you today.

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